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IQ Levels

What is an IQ?

IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is a quantity that is used to assess IQ tests and describe the intelligence of man in relation to other people. Basic definitions IQ is described as the ratio of mental age and chronological age. Which means the ratio between your mental maturity and actual age. An intelligence quotient indicates a person's mental abilities relative to others of approximately the same age. Everyone has numerous specific mental abilities, some of which can be measured accurately and are reliable predictors of academic and financial success.

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Our original IQ test is the most scientifically valid IQ test available online today.

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Our professionally developed IQ test provides an accurate and completely IQ score in about 10-20 minutes. With our unique and challenging questions we'll help you see if you're a genius.

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This IQ test is used by psychologists for more than 60 years in more than 100 countries. Numerous works and scientific publications dedicated to this kind of IQ test have been published and can be readed.

IQ Test

This is an real IQ test with all standard components. These include questions related to logical reasoning, geometry, space intelligence, and mathematics. Results will quickly show up after you complete the exam. Note that there is only one answer that is the most accurate in each question.

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Famous People IQ Score

Have you ever wondered about celebrity IQ scores?

Albert Einstein IQ

Albert Einstein

IQ 160

Physicist - USA

Conan O'Brien

IQ 160

Writer and Producer - USA

Conan O'Brien IQ
Bill Gates IQ

Bill Gates

IQ 160

Microsoft CEO - USA

Charles Dickens

IQ 180

Writer - England

Charles Dickens IQ
Richard Nixon IQ

Richard Nixon

IQ 143

President - USA

Natalie Portman

IQ 140

Actrist - USA

Natalie Portman IQ
Nolan Gould IQ

Nolan Gould

IQ 150

Actor - USA

Emma Watson

IQ 138

Actrist - USA

Emma Watson IQ

Certified IQ Test

Our IQ test has been specifically prepared to assess the following comprehensive set of skills:

Memory Retrieval

The ability to store and retrieve information.

Attention and Concentration

The ability to keep your mind focused and under control.

Processing Speed

The ability for visual perception and scanning speed.

Logic: Inductive Reasoning

The ability to reason and solve problems.

Quantitative Reasoning

The ability to use numerical skills to solve problems.

Visual Processing

The ability to perceive visual details.

Our IQ Certificates

Each tested receives a certificate with the name and value of his IQ.

IQ Certificate

Levels of IQ values

Individuals with IQ values above 140 have excellent presumption for creative activity and show direction to others. Almost 3% of the population can reach IQ values within 130 and 140. This IQ value is exceptionally high.

Individuals who have IQ above 140 have excellent presumption for creative activity and show the right direction to others. They are geniouses in their era, think up new theories and instruments. There is approximately 0,2% of them in the population, among celebrities for example Bill Gates or Stephen Hawking.
Almost 3% of the population can reach IQ values within 130 and 140. This IQ value is exceptionally high. Individuals with these values are good managers or professionals in the field aswell as good scientists and researchers. For example governor of California, former actor Arnold Schwarzenegger or actress Nicole Kidman have IQ in these values.
IQ values within 121 and 130 are highly above average. Individuals with these values will easily graduate university and are able to reach excellent results in creative and managerial activities. This group represents approximately 6% of the population.
Above-average intelligence. Individuals will graduate university without difficulties. If hardworking individuals can reach an extraordinary job in the market. There is approximately 12% of population with these IQ values.
Measured IQ values within 101 and 110 mean high average. Individuals with these values will graduate university with difficulties but with diligence and consequentiality can reach an excellent position in the job market. This group represents 25% of the population.
IQ values within 91 and 100 mean average intelligence representing approximately 25% of population. Individuals with these values graduate high school without difficulties and will mainly work in middle management.
Individuals with these IQ values between 81 and 90 will graduate primary school and will be of use in manual professions and activities. These values mean slightly below-average intelligence. These individuals form 10% of the population.
This means a lower level of mental retardation. Individuals with these values graduate primary school with difficulties but are successfull in special schools. These individuals form one tenth of the population.